About Us


JoAnne Moody, Principal Consultant, has  30 years of career experience at 3M, Boston Scientific, EndoSonics Corporation, Raychem (now Tyco Electronics), Liquidity Nanotechnology Corporation, and adhesive consulting clients. 

Education includes MS Degree in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (University of Minnesota), and BS Chemistry (Hamline University).


We dig deep into customer needs, product requirements, and design evaluation. Using expert analysis, practical methods and a materials science approach, we craft a roadmap to take you through technical challenges and provide key success factors.

Why Zeta?

We  love technical challenges that require innovation, fresh insights, and perseverance  Many of our adhesive consulting projects have tough environments, novel designs, unique chemistry challenges,  and amazing outcomes.

Our adhesive consulting experience spans a broad range of industries including medical devices, consumer products, electronics, transportation, food, chemical,  water filtration, and more. Often, we transfer technologies and solutions between industries.