Project Examples

Product Assessments & Roadmaps

  • Robotic Endoscope- Provided polymer and adhesive bond assessment for a new product which included recommendations on materials selection process joint design guideline, biocompatibility testing, overarching strategy, methodologies, and roadmap for current and future products​.
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) - Conducted polymers selection assessment and provide recommendations for next generation AED case to meet disinfection, impact resistance, processing, and cost requirements.

Adhesive Selection Recommendations

  • Lipid Cassettes – Propose new adhesives to improve lipid profile cassette durability, processing, and yields. 
  • Motor Cycle Helmet - Identified adhesives and reattachment method for the first helmet with high visibility accessory for wireless brake detection technology. 
  • Colonoscopy Device –Provided multiple process recommendations in adhesives used throughput the medical device operation.

New Adhesive Development

  • Dry Adhesive – Co-inventor of dry adhesive and surface system for a new type hook and loop application in a wide range of industries. US Patent was issued.
  • Washable Adhesive - Provided adhesive development, process development and technical  assistance for a new washable adhesive.  The product was successfully commercialized for the consumer market.
  • Dental Coating - Provided new chemistry options and additives to improve bonding and durability for a dental coating in the consumer industry.  These improvements were necessary to utilize a "patent" and successful create a new product platform.

Process Development

  • Ultrasonic-Assisted Extrusion for Food Snack Products - Reviewed patents, intellectual property, improvements, and feasibility for major food company. Identified technology approach for the new process.
  • FDA Reprocessing / Reusable Medical Device– The current trend towards reusable devices offers challenges in creating robust designs and adhesives to meet FDA reprocessing requirements.  Recent projects have provide R&D teams with materials and adhesive options to redesign existing single-use designs to meet multiple use requirements.

Market Research

  • Adhesive Additives– Identified opportunities for new additives to improve adhesive toughness and substrate adhesion in automotive and electronics applications. 
  • New Water-Based Adhesive - Predicted market size potential for new water-based adhesive technology which justified the next phase of R&D.